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At Mission Rosary we are truly on a mission. A mission to grow deeper in our connection with God through the prayer of the Rosary all while assisting those in need. We call this our social responsibility.


The Universal Call


Mission Rosary seeks to promote Catholic Social Teaching which has been entrusted to the Church through papal, conciliar, and episcopal documents. Catholic Social Teaching can be broken down into 7 main themes. Each of these themes are values that the organizations we donate to support and seek to promote change in our communities and our world.


1. Life and Dignity of the Human Person: The dignity of human life is under attack and the belief that every human life is sacred is the foundation for our moral system.


2. Call to Family, Community, and Participation: The organization of our society directly impacts human dignity and the ability for people to grow in community. Marriage and family life must be supported and we must seek the common good of all people, especially those on the margins.


3. Rights and Responsibilities: Everyone has a right to life. This right to life also requires that each of us have certain rights and responsibilities to our families and the larger society.


4. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable: Just as Jesus did, we must put the needs of the poor and vulnerable before our own.


5. The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers: We must protect the dignity of work by ensuring the basic rights of workers are respected such as fair wages and the organization and joining of unions.


6. Solidarity: We must pursue peace and justice despite any racial, religious, or ethnic differences.


7. Care for God’s Creation: It is our duty to care for and protect the planet God has graciously given to us.


You get to choose!


With your help Mission Rosary is dedicated to giving back what God has blessed us with. We donate a percentage of the profit of our app (up to $5,000) to a randomly selected charity. For example, your parish, local soup kitchen, campus ministry, or even larger organizations such as Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services, or St. Jude are just some of the options that our proceeds could go to.


When you sign up to be a part of Mission Rosary you are able to submit an organization of your choice that will be put into the monthly drawing. You also have the freedom to change which organization you want to go into the monthly drawing at any time. This allows you to help build up your community and have a larger role in your call to social responsibility. 


Get more people involved in your parish, community, and organization  to sign up for Mission Rosary! The more people who sign up from your organization, the more likely your organization will get chosen!